How to Build a Portable Garden Planter in a Day

Portable garden planters are good choices when space is at a premium. Instead of having to till the soil you can create a wonderful fruit or veggie garden right inside these planters. Because of their portability the planters can be relocated whenever necessary. This means that you can move them into the sun for as many hours as you want.

When the heat becomes excessive you can then move the portable garden planters into a shady area or take them inside your home. If the weather becomes too cold or windy you can protect your plants by moving these containers indoors. And you can use the best weed eater to clean garden quickly.

garden plantersThe size of these planters will depend on what you are intending to grow in each one. Potatoes have deep, spreading roots and these would need to be grown in larger containers. Bush cucumbers, tomatoes and radishes can be grown easily in small to medium sized containers. Almost any fruit or vegetable can be adapted to a planter. It is simply a matter of matching the plant to the proper sized container.

Flower planters can add stunning beauty and interest to your yard, deck or home. Their portability is just an added bonus. When you are filling the interior with soil always choose a high quality garden blend that offers extra plant nutrients. To keep the overall weight of the container within limits you can use styrofoam, perlite or packing peanuts in the bottom of the planter before you add soil.

If you want to learn how to build a portable garden planter you will need to have the following items on hand:

  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Boards- do not use particle board or plywood
  • Saw/drill
  • Glue for wood (outdoor/water resistant)
  • Screws
  • Wood clamps
  • Sealant/wood stain/paint (your choice)
  • Wire (if making a wire bottomed planter)

Determine the necessary measurements for the boards. Mark and cut each board.
You should have a total of 5 pieces of wood if you are going to include a wood bottom. If you are going to use a wire bottom you will only need 4 pieces of wood.
Use the glue to fasten the sides and bottom boards together. Use the clamps to hold the boards in place while the glue is drying.

Now it is time to put the screws in place so that the planter is fastened more securely.
After the glue has dried you can coat with a wood sealant product.

Add garden soil and your choice of flowers, veggies or fruit plants to the container.
Mixing plants of different heights is a quick way to make these homemade containers more appealing.
Surround the plants with mulch for a more professional look.

Try out your own designs with these containers. You can make planters with unique shapes such as octagonal or hexagonal. You can sand and paint the planters in a variety of bold colors. There are numerous types of embellishments and decorative features that can be added. When you begin experimenting with how to build a portable garden planter you will discover that your options are almost unlimited.

How to Mow Your Lawn with a Weed Eater the Right Way

How to Mow Your Lawn with a Weed Eater the Right Way

lawn_and_landscapeEvery person wants to walk into a beautiful lawn. However, that is not always the case, especially after trying out to weed the lawn with other tools and your work is poor. If you want to do the mowing job right you need the write tool, therefore you are reading the right article. A weed eater is your ultimate solution for a good, perfect lawn. Well, being called a weed eater does not mean it can trim your grass lawn, in fact it is designed to do both. Getting reed of weeds in your yard or lawn where leveling it to the ‘carpet like’, desired size.

These amazing weed eater needs to be understood before using it, since without good experience in it you might end up making your lawn more worse that it is. Given that it is not like rolling motorized grass mower kind of tool, it needs precise details of how to mow your Lawn with a weed eater the right way. The greatest benefit of the weed eater is that I can go to those corners or rocky parts of your garden or lawn and cut out every unwanted weed while leveling you grass lawn perfectly. Checkout the following tips and you will definitely love working with the weed eater on your law.

Protective Gear

Working with the weed eater, you need to have eye protective gear and a power source depending on the type of weed eater you plan to use. Remember, weed eaters cut small objects and throws them at very high speeds. Hence, you might get eye damages while working.

Power Sources

Again, a power source is required to ensure you do the work appropriately and in the right time. Therefore, to reach your lawn you need a long cord if you are using eclectic weed eater. If you are using gas to power, then you should ensure a good supply enough for your lawn.

The Mowing process

Whether you are using an electric or gas powered weed eater, you need to know how to carryout the mowing process. How to mow your Lawn the right way depends on the ‘know how’ tips, you will learn from this article. Once you are set and ready to make your compound neat, make sure you check the direction of the trim, this is usually done by looking at the arrow direction in the bottom of the weed eater. Once you know the direction you are cutting you can start the weed eater and ensure you have you eye protective gear on. Even if the direction of cut material is opposite to your face, you may be exposed to danger once you turn your directions.

The most important thing while mowing is holds the weed eater properly. That way you will not have any issues in your pattern of work or even grass height that you will achieve. So how do you hold the weed eater correctly? It is recommendable that you tilt the trimmer about 30 degrees while trimming walkways in your compound. Otherwise, you should hold the weed eater firmly while working with it to avoid any inconsistencies. Do not forget that if you hold the strip to close to the ground you are likely to achieve a bald lawn and that is not something you would like.

If you have not done mowing in a long time, this is the opportunity to get your prowess exposed to the weed and grass in your compound. If you are not good at mowing simply start with the long weed and grass, that way you will gauge your ability to do a good job on the short carpet lawn without balding your compound.

Now that you are aware of where you go wrong, how to mow your lawn with a weed eater the right way should not be an issue at all. Go ahead and get the best weed eater for the job and simply, follow the above-mentioned tips and you will definitely love your lawn!